Sunday Morning:

Gospel Project for Kids

Elementary Children’s Church is offered during the 8:30am and 11:00am services. We use The Gospel Project curriculum used helps kids understand the Bible is not just a collection of many stories, but one unified story—God’s story of redemption.

Babe Studies For Life - Kids

Sunday School at 9:45am is taught by gifted teachers using Biblical Studies for Life curriculum which is designed to help kids to: Apply the Bible to real life through Bible stories that guide them in decisions and teach them how to honor God throughout their day-to-day lives, reach biblical milestones, and engage in discipleship through the weekly practice of Bible skills, study, Scripture memorization, and missional awareness.

Sunday Evenings:

Explore the Bible - Kids

Elementary Bible Study at 5:00pm Explore the Bible we help kids dig deep! For eample we take a look at how the ark stacks up to other famous ships, and how the gigantic size of Goliath compared to...their own dad. Kids explore the people, places, and objects of the Bible in historical context and compare them to modern– day life. In Explore the Bible, kids aren't just learning the Bible; they're experiencing it!

Sack Supper image

Sack Supper, sandwiched between Elementary Bible Study and kids choir (5:45-6:00) is a time for boys and girls to sit down and eat a sack supper that they brought from home and build comradery with their friends.

Choir 412- Kids

Choir 412 (Elementary Children’s Choir) Sunday evening provides another time of fun and a learning experience with music for children 1st through fifth grade. Kids learn to sing from hymnals and how to praise God through song. The choir year begins each fall on the Sunday after Labor Day and concludes on the third Sunday in May. They meet weekly from 6:00pm to 7:00pm in the adult choir room. This music program is one your child is sure to love.