Image Bearers: A Growth Groups Workshop

Image Bearers:
Unity, Diversity and Purpose

Sunday, September 17
5:00 - 6:30 PM
Room E-310

One of the most important issues our culture is wrestling with today that the church must answer is this: “What does it mean to be made in the image of God?” At it’s core, men and women created in the image of God is not just about manhood and womanhood, but it’s ultimately an issue about worship and bringing glory to God. In a culture that is telling us that gender must be neutral, that marriage between one man and one woman is no longer important, and that our skin color divides us, we must be ready to give a loving answer that stands firm on what God has declared in His Word. Christ is the image of God and as Christians we are being conformed to His image. 
Join Craig Bailey and Billy Driver as they lead this one night workshop called Image Bearers: Unity and Diversity in the body of Christ. We will look at what God’s Word teaches us about being image bearers and see the beauty of this image in our unity and diversity. There will be teaching and Q&A. 
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