Sunday School classes focus on taking the timeless truth of God's Word and bringing it to life - your life! Whatever your age or stage in life, there's a group for you and every member of your family. Led by gifted Bible teachers, each Sunday School class is designed to help you grow as a believer, encourage you in your daily walk with the Lord, and serve Him with your own unique gifts and talents. Along the way, you'll create lifelong friendships with others who will encourage you, rejoice with you, and pray for you.

Bay Leaf Baptist Church - Helping Every Generation Find Genuine Fulfillment through Life Anchored In Christ.



Class Description




18-30, Coed

College & Young Adults

Travis Austin; Austin Williams

E 304 A

up to 40, Coed

Faith 1

Craig & Missy Bailey; Richard & Fayeson Tilley

E 303

35-50, Coed

Faith 6

Marc Mills

E 304 B

30—55, Coed

Faith 7

Sonny & Tanya Shelton

E 310

30-50, Coed

Faith 8

Miller Lawson

Chapel Room D

40-50, Coed

Faith 3 & 4

Reji Puthenveetil; Greg Tavalsky; Tom & Cindy Davenport


40-55, Coed

Joy 1

Frank & Wendy Lassiter; Tom & Jane Collins

E 306 B

30-55, Coed

Faith 9

Matt Cook

E 309

50-60, Coed

Joy 3

Butch & Shelley Graves; Ken & Karen Dickson

E 312

50-65, Coed

Joy 4

Paul Bunch

E 302

40—60, Coed

Joy 6

Tim Wheeler

E 311

Women, all ages 


Susan Smith

E 306 A

Men, 60 and up


Reece Dillard

Chapel Room A

55 and up, Coed

Hope Bible

Ruth Rowe, Lee Tyler; Theresa Essick

E 305

60 and up, Coed


Sam Wombles; Steve Kenney

E 301

65 and up, Coed

Scott Bible

Wade Carter

E 307

Women, 60 and up

Ruth Bible

Brenda Prince; Gwen Garrison; Lynne Hudson