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    Welcome to Bay Leaf Students

    Bay Leaf Students desires to partner with parents of 6th-12th-grade students to help the next generation find genuine fulfillment through life anchored in Christ.

    I know that being new to a church can seem confusing at first. We want to help you get plugged in and make new friends. I would encourage you to give us a try a few times so that you get a good idea of what our student ministry is all about.

    We always have something exciting going on here, and we would love for you to be involved in any of our events.

    If I can answer any questions you may have about our church or student ministry, please don’t hesitate to contact me. We would love to see you soon!

    -Pastor Lyle
    919.847.4477 ext. 251

    Check out Mountain Mania Summer Camp 2016


    Sunday Morning

    9:45 AM | FLC | 6th - 12th Grade.

    We are a good-sized church and if you're not careful you can get lost in the crowd. Sunday School is set up for students to break down into smaller groups (students are grouped by grade and gender) where they can get to know each other and form friendships with other believers their age.

    Our Student Ministry Sunday Morning Groups (both Middle and High School) are growing together in a study called Bible Studies For Life. Spending time in community with other believers and with leaders intentionally focused on discipleship is an important part of every student's spiritual journey. Bible Studies for Life is designed around a plan to help disciple and equip students with wisdom, starting with real-life issues and connecting them to God's Word in an intentional way. Every session of Bible Studies for Life is designed to interactively and intentionally equip students to apply Scripture to culture and daily life. All classes meet in the FLC at 9:30 for light breakfast and fellowship, followed by Bible study and prayer. Contact: Lyle LaFountain at

    Class Teachers Room
    6th Grade Boys Larry Otto; Bill Watkins FLC 210
    6th Grade Girls Leah LaFountain; Tamara Johnson FLC 209
    7th Grade Boys Stan Jones; Taylor Sapp; Mike Pickett FLC Floor
    7th Grade Girls Ruth Anne Crews; Margaret Moore FLC 211
    8th Grade Boys Tony Falcinelli; Tyler Tibbits FLC Floor
    8th Grade Girls Lori Tibbits; Angelica Taveras FLC 105
    9th Grade Boys Scott Snead, Preston Bowman FLC Floor
    9th Grade Girls Jessica Bullock; Caroline Owens FLC 103
    10th Grade Boys Scott Morris; Mike Munn FLC 102
    10th Grade Girls Lisa McAtee; Tracy Crisp FLC 212
    11th Grade Boys Paige Crisp; Tony Hudson FLC 104
    11th Grade Girls Beverly Jones; Lori Morris; Kathy Warren FLC 213
    12th Grade Boys & Girls Steven & Emily Madsen; Lyle LaFountain Student Lounge

    We are looking for more volunteers to help with Sunday Morning Breakfast. If you are interested, please email Lori Mosakewicz at or Drop off food and supplies by 9:10 in the youth kitchen so volunteers have time to prep food for 9:25 breakfast. Food may be dropped off during the week if you mark it YOUTH BREAKFAST.

    Sunday Nights

    The Point logo

    5:00-7:00pm | FLC

    The Point on Sunday Nights is a time for students to connect with one another through Sharing a Meal, Playing Games, Studying God's Word, and Growing Together in Small Groups.

    Current Series: Spiritual Disciplines in the book of Psalms

    Service Dates: TBD
    On specific service dates we will be going out to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and love on people all over Raleigh. Teams of students will visit widows, assisted living facilities, hospitals and do yard work for those in need.

    If your student likes to dance, sing, act, play a musical instrument, or lighting and sound design, we have spot for them on our creative arts team-The Imitators. If you signed up at the student luncheon and have not been contacted please resubmit your name, email, and phone number. Your information may have been illegible. If your student is interested, please email Kyle Graham at to sign up. Rehearsals are typically on Sunday from 3:30-5:00pm.

    Thursday Nights

    High School Bible Study
       8:00-8:30pm | Jubala (Located in the Lafayette Shopping Village at 8450 Honeycutt Rd #104)

    High School students are invited to join us at Jubala every Thursday night this summer from May 25th-June 15th. Jubala is staying open late just for us to have our high school Bible study. We will beginning a study in the book of Ephesians. Come early to hang out with friends, study for exams, and then join us for the Bible Study from 8:00-8:30.




    January 13th-15th - Winter Retreat @ Snowbird
    January 27th-28th - GO Conference


    February 5th - SuperBowl Sunday, 4-6pm


    March 10th-12th - High School Girls Beach Retreat


    April 13th-14th - Good Friday Famine


    June 19th - July 1st - Kenya Mission Trip
    June 30th - July 14th - Thailand Mission Trip


    July 1st - 8th - Port Elgin, Canada Mission Trip
    July 8th - 15th - Port Elgin, Canada Mission Trip
    July 15th - 22nd - Stayner, Canada Mission Trip
    July 17th-21st - Mountain Mania Summer Camp


    September 10th - Student Ministry Family Luncheon (Promotion Sunday)

    Bay Leaf Students Bible Reading Plan

    Download the Lent Devotional

    Mission Opportunities 2017

    KenyaJune 19 - July 1
    Get a glimpse into the amazing mission trip that Bay Leaf Students Tori Horton, Blakely McKinion, Carson Crisp, Sarah Beth Jacumin and Grace MacPherson took to Kenya, Africa this past summer.

    ThailandJune 30 - July 14
    Bay Leaf Baptist Church has made several trips to Thailand over the years. Currently, we are focused on a ministry in the Chiang Mai area in northern Thailand. We have partnered with Chiang Mai Acts of Grace Church, and Grace International School. These partnerships allow us to work with street children as well as students in the school. We have a wonderful partnership with a Thai orphanage in Chiang Mai.

    Canada Mission Trips
    Port Elgin, Canada - VBS & SoccerJuly 1 - 8
    Port Elgin, Canada - VBS / Track & FieldJuly 8-15
    Stayner, Canada - Art and DramaJuly 15-22
    Born from a burden of our members, Canadian-born, Lynne and Bill Hudson, we seek to take the Gospel to the western part of Ontario, near Lake Huron. Our relationship in Canada began in 2007 with our first team going in the summer of that year to offer a sports camp and Vacation Bible School. We have partnered with local churches in the Port Elgin area to offer sports camps and VBS to children ages five to twelve. In 2013 we partnered with Evergreen Ministries to offer a camp in Stayner, Ontario. The Lord has truly blessed as we have worked with other Christians to take the Gospel to this part of Canada. This trip is wonderful for families to experience missions together. Every family member will have a role, no matter the age or spiritual gift. Individuals and couples of any age can grow in their walk with the Lord through the support of Bay Leaf and Canadian Leaders.

    For more information, contact Will Gatling, Missions Pastor, at or check out the Bay Leaf Missions webpage for more resources at