1 & 2 Corinthians

Mondays, January 13- May 18
7:00 - 8:00PM
Led by Butch Graves & Bob Endersby
Cost: Free

The Lord led Paul to establish a church in Corinth. Corinth was the trading crossroads between Asia, Europe and Africa with all the heathen practices of all the cultures in those areas. It was so bad that the term “acting like a Corinthian” came to mean someone who was indescribably immoral… and THAT is where Paul was to start a church. Certainly a “target rich environment,” but what a God-sized challenge!

Join us as we investigate how Paul carried out his mission; how, not surprisingly, our society today mimics in many ways the challenges Paul faced; and how the Lord used him to nurture the baby church there in spite of those challenges. These books are lessons in the certainty we have in Christ today even in our dark and fallen world. By the way, our study of I Corinthians will begin in Acts!