Canada Trip

The Need:

Canada is now referred to as a "post-Christian" society in which only around 5% claim faith in Christ.

The Purpose:

Born from a burden of our members, Canadian-born, Lynne and Bill Hudson, we seek to take the Gospel to the western part of Ontario, near Lake Huron. Our relationship in Canada began in 2007 with our first team going in the summer of that year to offer a sports camp and Vacation Bible School.  We have partnered with local churches in the Port Elgin area to offer sports camps and VBS to children ages five to twelve. In 2013 we partnered with Evergreen Ministries to offer a camp in Stayner, Ontario. The Lord has truly blessed as we have worked with other Christians to take the Gospel to this part of Canada.

This trip is wonderful for teens desiring maturity in Christ and for families to experience missions together. Every team member will have a role, no matter the age or spiritual gift. Individuals and couples of any age can grow in their walk with the Lord through the support of Bay Leaf and Canadian Leaders.

Heroes on the Move - History

Heroes on the Move is a partnership between Canadian and American churches to reach the Canadian province of Ontario with the saving gospel of Jesus Christ through sports camps, block parties, conferences, coffeehouses, and Bible Studies.

Nine years before the first Heroes on the Move camp, Lynne Hudson, a Canadian expatriate, and her husband Bill, an American, started praying. There were few evangelical churches in her home town of Port Elgin, Ontario, that had the resources to reach out to children with the saving gospel of Jesus Christ. Lynne and Bill prayed that God would raise up an ongoing ministry for children in Port Elgin. When the Hudsons reached out to Shoreline Baptist Church in Port Elgin, they discovered that church member Joyce Scammell had a similar prayer.

In 2007, in partnership with Shoreline Baptist Church (ON), Port Elgin Missionary Church (ON), and Bay Leaf Baptist Church (USA), Heroes on the Move had its first camp – a combination of Vacation Bible School and track/field training. Of the 63 children aged 6-12, 32 made a decision to accept Jesus as their Savior.

In the years that followed, God blessed this ministry with more campers, more volunteers, and more life-changing decisions from both countries. We saw many former campers come back to serve as youth volunteers, with several feeling a calling into full-time ministry.

In 2011, we introduced the first Leaders In Training (LIT) program for teens aged 13-14.  Most of the participants were former campers who wanted to grow in their faith and serve as camp volunteers. We also expanded to a second week of camp, a combination VBS and soccer camp.

While the camps in Port Elgin continued to grow, God was laying the foundation for something exciting and new.  Church leaders in other areas of Ontario were praying for new ways to reach out to unchurched children in their communities.  As the Master Architect, God connected the two groups. 

Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?”
Isaiah 6:8

Won’t you join us in God’s plan to spread the gospel across Ontario?