Bay Leaf Missionary House Information

To provide a comfortable home for Southern Baptist missionary families on state side assignment while serving in missionary fields around the world.

1. The home is restricted to Southern Baptist missionaries.
2. Missionaries who are current or former members of Bay Leaf Baptist Church receive priority reservations. Priority will also be given to a family of current Bay Leaf Church members.
3. Missionaries staying in the home are expected to actively participate in Bay Leaf church activities while residing in the home. This will include speaking on occasions to groups within the church. Our desire is to get to know the missionaries on a personal basis.
4. The home is not designed to be used as a hotel, so the minimum usage will be for missionaries planning to stay in Raleigh for at least two weeks, and the maximum usage is twelve months.
5. Bay Leaf Baptist Church reserves the right to withdraw housing privileges at any time deemed necessary due to abuse of the home or failure to comply with church guidelines.

Missionary Responsibilities
1. A deposit of $100 will guarantee the reservation. This deposit is non-refundable and will be applied to the final monthly bill and any minor repairs upon departure.
2. The missionary family will pay Bay Leaf Church $250 per month for utilities, waste collection, telephone service (local service only), DSL service, cable television service, and home insurance. This balance will be pro-rated for any stays less than a month.
3. The missionary family is responsible for proper housekeeping and is expected to exercise care and normal precautions in protecting the home during their stay.
4. Occupants staying more than two weeks are expected to assist in the upkeep of the yard (lawn and flowerbeds). Equipment and gasoline will be provided.
5. No pets or smoking is allowed in the home, however, an outdoor pen is provided for pets.
6. Occupants will notify the church immediately of any problems or damage to the home or furnishings.

Application Process
1. Missionaries desiring to use the mission home shall complete the attached application at least 30 days prior to arrival.
2. All requests for reservations are to be submitted in writing to:
Bay Leaf Baptist Church
c/o Will Gatling
12200 Bayleaf Church Road
Raleigh NC 27614
Arrival and departure dates are required. For more information, you can also contact Will Gatling by email.
3. Reservations more than 2 years in advance cannot be accepted.
4. Upon written notification by the church that your reservation is accepted, the missionaries will mail the church a $100 deposit to hold the reservation. If the $100 deposit is not received by the church within 45 days of the written notification, the reservation will be canceled.
5. The missionaries will execute a letter agreement confirming the dates they will be using the home, and confirming their understanding of the missionary home responsibilities.