Community Partnerships

Pregnancy Support

Gateway is a faith-based non-profit organization committed to serving women and men in the community by providing medical, educational and support services and resources related to pregnancy and sexual health without condemnation or manipulation. 

Human Coalition is for preborn babies who need to be protected in the womb; for women who should not have to choose the life of their baby for a fulfilling life; for families whose members should flourish in an environment of value and love; for mothers and fathers who deserve a chance at being mothers and fathers; and for society that needs all its children to live and thrive if it is to be called “civilized.”

Ministry to Internationals

Work with international students studying at one of the many universities in the triangle. Make a connection with an international student through Sammy and develop a meaningful relationship while they are studying here.

World Relief is a refugee resettlement organization that is also mapping the estimated 300,000 international newcomers that call the triangle home. Unreached people groups living amongst us. World Relief is helping churches connect with them so that meaningful relationships will be developed. 

Every initiative at CIR focuses on restoring four broken relationships: with one’s self, with others, with the material world, and with God. We believe the evangelical church is one of the most powerful and underutilized resources in systemic immigration reform, offering the ideal means of reaching many of the state’s policymakers and community leaders.

Financial Crisis Ministry

North Raleigh Ministries provides neighbors in crisis with necessary assistance through a Christian environment. Counseling Center, Jobs for Life, Food Pantry, Thrift Shop. 

Jobs for Life is a non-profit that equips the church to engage issues of poverty through employment and a discipleship platform engaging participants in a biblical understanding of work.

Sports Evangelism

BeALL for Christ is a sports evangelism ministry. James and Clee Sherrod are committed to basketball excellence and to making disciples through the sport they love.