If you have questions or thoughts to share with the search committee, email us at: pastorsearch@bayleaf.org




October 7

In September over 100 applicants were screened and a set of the most promising candidates have been presented to the search committee. As the selection process continues, the Senior Pastor job posting remains open on the Vanderbloemen site at https://www.vanderbloemen.com/job/bay-leaf-baptist-church-senior-pastor

What's Next? - The committee is currently assessing the set of top candidates and starting the initial phone interviews.

What Can I Do? - We continue to ask for your support in prayer. As we speak with candidates, pray for open and transparent discussion coupled with wisdom and discernment.

Do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions. pastorsearch@bayleaf.org  


--Senior Pastor Search Committee

September 7

The Senior Pastor job position has been posted and is available on the Vanderbloemen site at https://www.vanderbloemen.com/job/bay-leaf-baptist-church-senior-pastor for the past month. We've received a good number of qualified applicants so far. Current applicants have gone through initial screenings and a set of candidates will be interviewed in the coming weeks. The posting will remain open at this time, and any additional qualified candidates will have an opportunity to be considered. 

What's Next? - At the end of September, the search committee will begin selection of a small set of the most likely applicants for intensive assessment and interviews.

What Can I Do? - As before, we ask for your continued prayer for wisdom and discernment as we consider each candidate. We ask that God will reveal His desired candidate to us in this process. 


--Senior Pastor Search Committee


August 7

The Senior Pastor job profile has been completed and the open position has been posted on the Vanderbloemen site at https://www.vanderbloemen.com/job/bay-leaf-baptist-church-senior-pastor 

Use of the Vanderbloemen posting site provides broad visibility of the position opportunity across the country, as well as a single entry point for interested applicants to apply.  Any interested applicants should use this posting link to submit their application.  

If you know qualified applicants, please encourage them to apply using the link above or you can pass their resume along to the search committee. We will review all candidates and follow-up with the candidate in applying through Vanderbloemen. 

What’s next?

As applications are received, applicants will be reviewed and undergo an initial screening.  The search committee will then perform a review in preparation for initial phone conversations. 

What can I do?   

Share the posting location and encourage any qualified applicants to apply. Continue to pray for all involved in this process.  Pray that God would touch the heart of the one he would have lead us at this time.  Pray that we would be attentive and open to discerning God’s will in the selection process. 

Let us know if you have any questions by email at: pastorsearch@bayleaf.org 

--Senior Pastor Search Committee


July 6

As we prepare for our search, the committee is working on establishing a clear picture of what we are seeking in a candidate. In addition, we need to develop plans for how we communicate the availability of the position and how we will review, select and communicate with candidates. As we walk through the process, there will be much work to be done to excute on all of these steps. 

To accomplish this, we will partner with Vanderbloemen firm to help us walk through the search process. They will help us define the seach process, ensure we take care of all aspects of the search and stay on track for timely completion. We will continue to focus on selecting the candidate as the Lord leads. Based on your survey input, we will work next to develop a profle for the postion that we will use in our posting and review of applicants. 

Thanks again for your support and prayers. We trust the Lord to lead us in this search.

--Senior Pastor Search Committee


June 30

We want to thank you for sharing your thoughts in our recent Senior Pastor search survey.  We received 434 responses with a great amount of input that has been summarized in tabulated and qualitative forms.  We received responses from a broad range of church members with a natural range of responses. Yet, there were some clear, common themes of the following core characteristics and criteria that church members would like to see in our next Senior Pastor:

    •    Leader who equips and challenges others
    •    Engaging, Biblical teacher who shares the inspired Word of God
    •    Generational Bridge Builder
    •    Active, visionary leader
    •    Outward, mission focus
    •    Life and ministry experience in line with other criteria

Your input will help guide our direction in seeking and selecting our new pastor.
Please continue to pray for God's hand to guide us to His candidate. Thanks again. 

--Senior Pastor Search Committee