Handyman Ministry

Seniors can call Kelly Burtick (919‐847‐4477 X245) and request help with a household task or repair, then a man will be dispatched to help. The only cost is for parts.

Classes for Seniors

Classes meet on select Mondays 1-3 PM.

iPad 101 & iPad 102

Come learn more about iPad basics & tools to help you use it more efficiently. Participants should bring their iPad, password to unlock device if needed, email address & a notebook to take notes in.

Selling Stuff Online

Come learn how to sell things safely online through sites like NextDoor, eBay, Craigslist & Buy Sale Trade.

The Latest in Phone Technology

If you have not been paying attention, your cellphone and telephone bills may be WAY higher than necessary! This class will give you the latest news about new phones, new plans, and ways of saving big bucks! Topics include: iPhone vs Android; latest cellphone plan comparisons; do you need a regular telephone? and more!

Cutting the Cord

Cable TV costs have skyrocketed! Come learn about alternative ways of getting the shows you like at a much lower cost.

Cyber Security

Learn from a true expert how to protect yourself online, doing e-mail, web browsing, e-commerce, and more. Learn safe practices for every problem area!

How To Remember Things Better

Do you walk into a room and forget why you came? Do you lose your car keys or your glasses pretty often? Do you forget the names of new people, or even friends?? You may need to take this class to learn and practice practical techniques to overcome normal memory loss. At the end, you will be able to start using some of these techniques right away! Also be aware of signs of the onset of dementia.

How to be Better Grandparents

Learn how you can have a spiritual impact on your grandkids’ lives.

COVID Technology

Learn how you can use Zoom and other tools to safely attend Sunday School classes, meet with your family, and more!

Email your name, phone, and class name to Kelly Burtick to be notified when the class is being offered.

New Classes

Bay Leaf is committed to providing classes that help YOU where you need it!

Email your name, phone, and description of class needed to Kelly Burtick.

External Resources

The Organizations listed below can provide a useful service to our seniors. These services may require payment. Bay Leaf Baptist Church does not guarantee results, but offers this list as a resource to get started when help is needed!

NON-ENDORSEMENT DISCLAIMER: Bay Leaf Baptist Church does not endorse or recommend any service, organization, or business mentioned on its website, but merely provides information relative to resources for seniors and their families in Raleigh and Wake County.

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For any other needs not mentioned, contact Don Gilbert, Seniors Pastor at Bay Leaf Baptist Church, dgilbert@bayleaf.org, for assistance or referrals.