Welcome Back!

We hope you are beginning to find your way around Bay Leaf’s campus. Our desire is that you will connect with us through our mission and strategy to make disciples as you begin to take your next step of growth at Bay Leaf. This page will help by explaining our strategy and different ways that you can get connected through one of our many groups. 

Our Strategy.

At Bay Leaf, our mission is to “Help every generation find genuine fulfillment through life anchored in Christ.” Our method is simple:

Become a disciple; Make a disciple

But what does it mean to be a disciple of Jesus? “To believe, think, and act as Jesus would.” However, many people today say they believe in Jesus, and even attend worship every week. But this is not enough. There’s more! Our strategy helps direct us through next steps, and sets the expectation for involvement in the church. At Bay Leaf, we want to help you become a disciple of Christ through some focused activities/steps:

Bay Leaf Strategy Map Image
Worship Strategy Point

Worship together. Enjoy spending time with other believers as you worship God and experience Him together through song, prayer and by studying the Bible. We will find genuine fulfillment when we realize we were created to worship God and be in a personal relationship with Jesus. 

 Strategy Point

Discover life. Discover what it means to grow in a relationship with Jesus and with other believers. Learn who you are, how God can change your life, and also use you to be a part of changing someone else's life. The Discover Life at Bay Leaf class is a great way to learn about God and his mission for us to make a difference in this world.

Grow Strategy Point

Grow in groups. Growing together is important. God created us for relationships, and through them we encourage one another to seek God. We want to grow deeper in our understanding of the Bible and God's plan for us, our families and our community. Whether it is a weekly small group or Sunday School class, there is a place for you to grow. 

Serve Strategy Point

Serve each other. Jesus came to serve and not be served. His example for us is one of love, giving and sacrifice. In that giving of ourselves we find contentment and fulfillment that is found nowhere else. God has gifted you through the Holy Spirit and wants to encourage you as you serve others.

Go Strategy Point

Go and make disciples!  God's call and mission for all believers is to go and make disciples. Being on mission with God is the most fulfilling life you can live. It is exciting to see people come to a saving relationship with Jesus and then to walk with them as they become a disciple who will go and make more disciples. 

Introductory Groups.

Discover Life Class

This class takes place on Sunday mornings at 9:45 at different times throughout the year. Our goal in the Discover Life Class is to help you better understand the gospel, our vision and values, core doctrines, and learn more about our ministries as well as opportunities for service. This is a highly interactive class where your questions get answered and you get a chance to meet all the pastors/directors at Bay Leaf.

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Next Steps Class

This one day class takes is usually the final week of the Discover Life Class however anyone can come (even if they were not in the Discover Life Class). Our goal in Next Steps is to help you find your next step at Bay Leaf on Saturday evenings or Sunday mornings. You will hear from various Sunday School teachers as well as serving opportunities throughout our church and city.

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Small Groups

In Small Groups our goal is to help people grow together by helping them: connect relationally, mature spiritually, and live missionally. One of the benefits of joining a Small Group is the flexibility it gives you to serve on Sunday mornings. Many who serve as ushers, greeters or teachers find it challenging to be in a Sunday School class and serve on Sunday at the same time. Small Groups give you the option to attend a worship service, serve weekly in a ministry, and still have a community to meet in and build friendships while studying the Bible together. Small Groups are also a great option for those who attend the Saturday Night Worship Service. For more info or to sign up for a group, contact Bobby Duncan.

Growth Groups

Throughout the semester there are different short term Bible studies and workshops that we offer at Bay Leaf. They meet on different mornings and evenings and cover a wide range of Biblical topics. Some are even one night workshops designed to equip you to grow in your faith as you live the Christian life everyday. Check out the current listings and get plugged in today.

Sunday School

At 9:45 AM we have Sunday School Groups for all ages. We believe that discipleship happens best in the context of relationships. And so it is our goal to build relationships by growing together in groups on Sunday morning to study the Bible, pray for one another, and experience life together. Please click here for a listing of classes. Contact Billy Driver for more info.

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Becoming A Member.

We believe that by joining together through church membership, we find the community and accountability with one another that God calls us to experience in the local church.