Our Staff

Meet our Team of Leaders


Dr. Jared Richard

Senior Pastor

Billy Driver

Executive Pastor

Andy Madsen

Pastor of Worship and Communications

Aaron Wilson

Pastor of Missions and Evangelism

Will Warren

Business Manager

Patrick Austin

Associate Pastor of Discipleship and Assimilation

Dr. Mark Bainbridge

Associate Pastor of Pastoral Care

Don Gilbert

Assistant Pastor to Senior Adults

Dr. Kyle Graham

Associate Pastor of Worship and Evangelism

Dave Hingson

Associate Pastor of Students

Jeff Salisbury

Associate Pastor of Family Ministry and Mobilization

Ministry Directors

Don Adams

Facilities Director

Christy Graham

Director of Kids Ministry

Jennifer Horsey

Director of Preschool Ministry

Jacob Mashburn

Student Ministry Assistant Director

Support Staff

Kelly Burtick

Administrative Assistant to Discipleship Ministries

Meredith Cook

Financial Assistant

Angie Fountain

Executive Assistant

Melinda Rose


Bailey Coffer

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