1. The reason for the Online Church Directory is convenience and efficiency.
    1. Congregation members can now find names, addresses, telephone numbers, and e-mail addresses for church, Sunday School and Small Group members directly from their computer, tablet or smart phone. However, they can still call the church if help is needed.
    2. Members may update their information any time they wish. Members may also request that the church staff update their information through an e-mail or phone call.
  2. Security is important. Only church members and active Sunday School or small group members are given access to the Online Church Directory.
    1. Those who are granted access will receive an e-mail from Bay Leaf with a link to sign on to their personal church record, and create a password.
    2. There is no interface for congregation members to automatically create a list of members through the Online Church Directory, although all members can be individually listed or searched.
    3. We expect all Online Church Directory users to agree not to use directory information for solicitation, commercial, political purposes, or any other unethical use.
    4. If the church becomes aware of the misuse of any information from the church directory, the person misusing information will be counseled, and may lose their access to the Online Church Directory.
    5. Individuals and families can “Opt Out” of being listed in the Online Church Directory. This can happen when they first click the link to review their information, found initially in the welcome e-mail from Bay Leaf. Families may also change their status at any time by logging into the Online Directory Portal and editing their account.
    6. In addition, a member can individually specify that they be displayed in the Online Church Directory, but that certain information is to be “unlisted”, including address, any phone number, and e-mail address.
    7. If a member wishes, they can upload a picture of themselves to the Online Church Directory. If they do not, no picture will be available. Bay Leaf staff will screen and take down photos that are deemed inappropriate.
    8. If the church receives an inquiry from a person outside the church, asking for information about a church member, they will pass the request to the church member, rather than giving out any information.
  3. Children will be protected in our directory.
    1. Children below the age of 12 will not be listed in the Online Church Directory at all. A process will run each September to promote children reaching age 12 that year into the directory.
    2. Known sex offenders will not be allowed access to the Online Church Directory.
    3. We will subscribe to a notification service that will inform us when sex offenders move into the area, and check this against our member list.
  4. Bay Leaf Baptist Church reserves every right to revoke access to the Online Church Directory at their discretion at any time.