We believe that by joining together through church membership, we find the community and accountability with one another that God calls us to experience through the local church.


We have made an easy to follow guide toward church membership below.
Please let Billy Driver know if you have any questions about membership:

Step 1. Discovery Class

While this is not required to join, we have found that those who attend a Discover Life Class quickly find a Sunday School or Small Group and a ministry to serve in. Our goal is to connect you in three areas of church involvement: worship, grow, and serve. 

Step 2. Meet a Pastor

This is a time for you to share your personal testimony and make sure that you understand the gospel and all that Christ has done for us. Also, you can ask further questions about Bay Leaf as well as the ordinances of baptism and Lord’s Supper that we practice.


Step 3. Walk the Aisle

Come down the aisle during our invitation (at the end of a worship service) to celebrate your decision to join and be introduced to your new church family. We rejoice together as a church family every time someone joins and so this is a chance for your church to affirm your decision and get a chance to meet you after the service.

*If you have not been baptized as a Christian, then baptism can be scheduled in the following weeks during one of our morning worship services.