Transitional Kindergarten

Our transitional kindergarten class serves as a bridge between preschool and kindergarten for students who may need an extra year to get ready for kindergarten. TK provides students extra time to help them be successful as they enter kindergarten in an age and developmentally appropriate setting.

Our transitional kindergarten program uses an adaptation of the Pre-K and the Kindergarten Letterland curriculum for reading and writing. The Letterland program has a very strong phonetic foundation that allows children to become skilled in learning the names and sounds of short vowels, consonants, and blends. Other subjects that are also included in order to develop the whole child are: art, science, social studies, mathematics, and music and movement. Transitional kindergarten students are also taught weekly Bible stories, using the Purposeful Design curriculum, which include, memory verses, prayer and character development. Teachers use a variety of teacher-directed, small group, and individual activities to ensure that all aspects of the curriculum are taught.

The transitional kindergarten class size is kept at a small number in order for individualized attention to be met. Because we want to continue with the structure of getting TK students ready for kindergarten, all students must attend 5 days.

Other information about Transitional Kindergarten:
  • Students should be 5 by August 31
  • Maximum enrolled - 12
  • Teacher to student ratio - 1:6

If you would like to discuss if Kindergarten or TK is a right fit for your child, please contact us. We would love to speak with you about what would be best for your child.