Safety at Bay Leaf

Your child's safety is important to us. Our safety ministry is here to provide a safe environment for all our members and visitors while they are participating in scheduled services on site. This ministry attempts to take away distractions concerning personal safety so that attention can be devoted to worship during all services. Also, a Deputy Sheriff serves on the Preschool Hall to ensure that our procedures are implemented effectively.

On Sunday mornings, we use a kid check-in system for all preschoolers. This is an electronic check-in system that speeds up check-in procedures any time your child attends a Children's event at the church. This system provides added security while your child is at church and eliminate the need to fill out forms in the room.

If this is your first visit to Bay Leaf, please visit the Welcome Center in the preschool lobby to get your information entered into the system. Once you have checked in, a nametag and a corresponding security tag will print out for all of your children. Your kids' names and room assignments print right on their nametag, as well as any information you may need to pick them up.